Research Study on Personality

February 25, 2019

Dare Institute and its division, Freedom From Undue Influence is inviting potential participants from various backgrounds for a study on how adults differ in their social-perspective taking skills, attachment relationship, awareness of boundaries, degree of loneliness, narcissism, dissociative experiences, psychoticism, anger, impulsivity, depression character, experiences of physical punishment and abandonment/physical neglect. This study also explores the relationship between these variables and former members of high-control groups. The purpose of this study is to explore empirically attributes that might be significant.We hope this research will help facilitate discussion among our profession. We believe this study will be helpful in designing behavioral and educational materials and procedures in this field. Would it be possible to complete the following scales and response the questions carefully? Participation is anonymous and all information will be confidential. If you have any questions regarding the survey, please email Michael Lamport Commons, PhD, at

Please make sure to fill out the survey according to the link assigned to the first alphabet of your last name. To stop the survey and return to it later, make sure to click “Next” to save your responses, and close the browser without clicking the “exit survey” button. Return to the survey at your own convenience by clicking on the original link sent to you in your email.

Links to the survey, according to the first alphabet of your last name:

  1. If your last name starts with the alphabet A-G:
  2. If your last name starts with the alphabet H-M:
  3. If your last name starts with the alphabet N-S:     
  4. If your last name starts with the alphabet T-Z:

If you have any problem or suggestions, please feel free to contact us. Thank you very much.